For a friend.

If anyone's interested in helping out, wants a commission, knows someone who wants a commission, whatever (which I either get done or if the worst happens, I refund. I make a point of never spending the money until the picture's finished and commissioner has recieved it just in case), let me know.

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My, it's dusty in here.

*blows off dust.* *Sneezes*

Due to trying to get over the fact I'm still a depressed git and not good at talking for months on end, I'm attempting to post again. Also, LJ is mostly dead. Not that I ever post there any more regularly than here really.

I might be swamping my journal with art later. Just a heads up. It'll be under cuts so hopefully it won't seem like horrendous spamming.

In the meantime, I'm off to find my rubber (eraser for you not British types that use that as slang for something totally different) and see if I can build an easel and a lightbox.

crossposting to LJ in case anyone there wants to find me here instead. I'll keep crossposting(apart from re posting art of course) but I'll be doing it from here as LJ is slow for me. When I've got time to make tea while a page is loading, there's a problem. I'll still be reading there too, it just takes patience.

(I always did prefer my tags over here)

I might have a couple of codes spare if anyone wants one. I'll check.

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